Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Hard Disk Boot Failure For Windows XP Solved

It happens when computer is started, it fails to boot. The computer won't boot, it keeps restarting in failed rebooting loop. While booting there is a flash of blue screen for a second, and ends with failed booting. Even other option like Last known best known configuration will not work.

Reason for Such Boot failure

There can be many reason when suddenly computer fails to boot properly
  1. Mainly such boot failure is seen due to sudden cut in power supply when computer is running, or computer has not shut down properly. This causes corrupted XP files or boot files which create booting problem.

  2. There can be electrical or mechanical failure,Check if hard disk is plugged in properly. You can also check in Bios which will show if hard disk is connected or not.

  3. There may also be incorrect bios setting preventing hard disk to boot.

As discussed above there can be different solution to different causes for this problem. If its mechanical or electrical problem, it needs to be checked if cables to hard disk or SATA cable plugins are joined properly.

Next you need to enter into BIOS settings and check Boot device priority and see if there is option for hard disk or not in any 1st or 2nd order. If there is, then boot files could be corrupted. Set Boot device priority first for CD ROM and Second for Hard disk. Save setting and exit, now computer can boot from bootable XP CD Which should also inserted before rebooting. Follow the instructions as shown in video tutorial.

In CD you will be able to use Recover Console utility to repair, scan and remove disk errors using few dos commands. There are you can try various commands like chkdsk /p, chkdsk /r, chkdsk /f, which scan disk and remove and repair errors. chkdsk /r takes more time.You can also try Bootcfg which will fix corrupt Boot.ini file. You need not run all commands, you can start from commands chkdsk /p to scan and repair any errors, then exit and restart to check if boot error has gone.

Fixboot can also be used from Recovery Console command prompt to fix corrupt partition boot sector by typing Fixboot [drive]: If everything fails you have no other choice left you can finally type and run "fixMBR" Fixmbr [device_name], which will run with warning prompts. This will fix corrupt master boot record that might be a possible error.

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